Hydro Pipe Lining - before


Hydro Pipe Lining - after


How the Process Works

Video Inspection

Video Inspection is conducted to assess the overall length, diameter and condition of the pipe.

Cleaning and Prep

Pipe is cleaned and prepped. The descaling process is conducted to remove any roots, debris and scale built up in the pipe. Then the pipe is hydro jetted and vacced to ensure it is prepped for the liner.

Shooting the Liner

Once the liner size and length are measured, the epoxy resin is poured in the line and impregnated. Next the liner is loaded into the drum and shot down the line.

Curing Process

The liner is cured with state-of-the-art ultraviolet light technology. The UV light creates a chemical reaction which instantly hardens the epoxy leaving you with a completely new pipe inside.