Homeowner: What should I expect on the day of my project?

We ask everyone in the house conducts their morning routine before we arrive. Upon our arrival there will be no use of the sinks, dishwashers, showers, or toilet (in case of emergency, the toilet can be used but not flushed). The average residential project takes a full working day, but upon completion all plumbing will be back in working order and it will feel like we were never there!

How long does the Epoxy Pipe Lining last?

The Epoxy Liner has a 50 year life expectancy per ASTM testing standards.

How do you connect to other lines?

When shooting a liner, we will be temporarily covering any connecting branch lines into the pipe (IE toilets, sinks…) once the liner is cured, we send down robotic cutter to cut out or “reinstate” those lines to ensue flow is back up and running properly.

Do you ever have to dig at my property?

95% of the time, there is no digging necessary. However, depending on the location and logistics of the pipe, sometimes a small access pit may be necessary to clean, prep and shoot the liner. This small pit is still extremely less invasive than the traditional trench/dig-and-replace method.

Does my insurance cover this?

95% of standard home owner/business insurance policies do not cover under the ground utilities but feel free to check with your insurance company or provider.

Why Do Plumbers Still Want To Dig Up My Pipes?

Relatively few plumbers even know that Epoxy Pipe Lining technology even exists. Furthermore, even less of them have the equipment, training, and certification needed to do trenchless pipelining.

How long does it take to line a pipe?

For a traditional residential project, pipe lining takes less than a standard 8 hour day to complete. For commercial properties, it all depends on the complexity, logistics and overall length of pipe. Some commercial projects have been completed within a day, while others have taken multiple weeks.

Does Epoxy Pipe Lining work on all types of pipe?

Epoxy Pipe Lining can be done on cast iron, clay, PVC, Asbestos, Orangeburg, Ductal Iron and Concrete Pipe.

What size pipe can be lined?

Royal Flush can line any pipe 3” in diameter to 36” in diameter. The most common residential and commercial sized pipes are 4, 6,8, 10 and 12” pipes.

Will Epoxy Pipe Lining stop root infiltration in the future?

Traditional piping like clay, cast iron and PVC has joints. Roots, which are extremely aggressive will find those joints/weak points thus working their way into the pipe and cause havoc. Royal Flush’s Epoxy Liner is a one piece seamless system thus eliminating all joints in the pipe, truly making it impenetrable for root intrusion in the future. It truly is a permanent fix to all of your root problems.

How much does it cost?

There are 4 key factors for pricing of a pipe lining project:

    1. Access and logistics of the pipe
    2. Condition of the pipe and the amount of cleaning/prep that needs to be done
    3. The diameter of the pipe (IE: 4, 6, 8”)
    4. Overall length of the pipe

The best thing to do would be to schedule a video inspection where we could come out and assess the pipe and prepare a formal written estimate for you.

Should I be worried about epoxy chemicals leaching into my water?

The epoxy used by Royal Flush does not leach chemicals into the drinking water, and it doesn’t deposit chemicals into wastewater. This means that epoxy liners are environmentally friendly and will not pollute nearby waterways, creeks or streams if that water happens to leave the municipal plumbing system.

How long has Royal Flush been in business?

Royal Flush: Next Gen Pipelining has been in business for over thirty years. We started as a traditional plumbing service company. In 2015, Royal Flush: Next Gen Pipelining invested in our first piece of Pipe Lining equipment and since 2017 we have been exclusively pipe lining. As of today, we have over 4 miles of lined pipe in the ground and consider ourselves the most knowledgeable and experienced pipe lining company in Southern New England.

Where do you service?

We service all of RI and Southern MA. Depending on the project, we will travel up to 2 hours if needed.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a ten year warranty and the liner has a 50 year life expectancy. If you could like a copy of our warranty, please feel free to reach out and we can provide you with all of the details.