All About Sewer Camera Inspection

Issues in the sewer lines need to be detected and repaired as soon as possible. Letting these problems linger can cause major issues for a household, from foul odors and backed-up drains to leaks and other problems. 

If property owners suspect an issue with their sewer line, they might put off scheduling repairs because they don’t want to risk having their yard dug up or landscaping destroyed. However, sewer camera inspection services allow experts to identify the problem quickly and noninvasively without destruction. Here are answers to some common questions about sewer video inspection services. 

What Is Sewer Camera Inspection?

cameraSewer video inspection is a method experts use to inspect the condition of sewer lines and find problems. Experts can use it to look for pipe damage, blockages, and other issues with sewer lines so the repairs are more accurate. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Professionals insert a long cable with a sewer inspection camera attached to it into an opening in the line, such as an access point to the sewer line.
  • They record real-time footage of the inside of the pipe as the camera travels through it, made more visible by an attached light. 
  • They navigate the small camera through the pipes, checking the walls, joints, and other components of the sewer line, looking for any issues.
  • The expert will discuss the results and potential solutions for repair with the homeowners when issues are spotted.

What Are Signs That Sewer Video Inspection Is Necessary?

Property owners need to identify issues with their sewer line to prevent major damage to a home as soon as possible. Some symptoms that can indicate they need to schedule sewer video inspection services are:

  • Recurring clogs 
  • Slow-draining sinks, shower, or bathtub drains
  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from drains
  • Soggy areas or puddles in the yard
  • Lush patches of grass and unexplained growth in the yard

If homeowners experience any of these issues on their property, they should schedule a sewer line inspection as soon as possible. The faster a professional can diagnose a sewer line defect, the sooner the repairs can be made, and the more damage can be avoided.

What Are the Benefits of Sewer Video Inspection Services?

clogScheduling sewer camera inspections can have a lot of benefits for homeowners. They allow experts to better prepare for repairs by giving accurate information on the condition of the pipes, problems, and the extent of the problem. Some of the advantages it offers are:

  • Noninvasive method with less disruption to the household
  • Catching issues early before they cause costly damage to a household
  • Spotting pipe corrosion and identifying the condition of older pipes
  • Finding sewer line clogs
  • Identifying intruding tree roots in the sewer line
  • Catching leaks, cracks, or collapsed piping 

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