East Providence Epoxy Pipe Lining Service

Get the fastest, longest-lasting, and most cost-effective pipe repairs with epoxy pipe lining. Call us today to schedule a service in East Providence, Rhode Island!

At Royal Flush: Next Gen Pipelining, we strive to always use the best tools and techniques in the industry. That’s why we provide epoxy pipe lining services in East Providence, RI, and Washington, Newport, Providence, Kent, and Bristol Counties. With our trenchless pipe lining service, you can enjoy top-rated pipe lining services without the hassle or mess of traditional pipe lining services.

With our industry-leading epoxy pipe lining, we can clear even the most stubborn clogs in no time.

Benefits of Epoxy Pipe Lining Services

Epoxy pipe lining provides fast, effective, and long-lasting repair and replacement for damaged or broken pipes. It also seals damage out from the inside, lining the old pipe system to form a brand new pipe from the shell of the old.

First, our expert inspectors use video camera inspection to find the damage and plan comprehensive repair or replacement service. After cleaning the pipes, our skilled technicians measure the exact liner length and width needed, then feed epoxy liners through the existing pipe.

Finally, our professionals expand the liners and cure them. Liners fuse in place and form a seamless, strong new pipe inside the old one.

UV Curing Benefits in Southern New England

This type of trenchless pipe lining creates stronger, longer-lasting pipe using fiberglass reinforcement, resin laminates, and UV-curing technology.

Called UV cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining, these liners slide through the existing pipe and activate under a seven-minute UV light curing process that hardens and locks them in place. These exceptionally strong and durable liners become perfect, brand-new pipe, sealing up breaks, separated joints, and cracks and sealing out corrosion, root intrusions, and infiltration.

Have a broken sewer line? Royal Flush: Next Gen Pipelining trenchless pipe repair services in East Providence, RI.

Why Work With Us?

Royal Flush: Next Gen Pipe Lining uses state of the art epoxy pipe lining technology to get your sewer pipes repaired or replaced as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team of experts have the knowledge and tools to get every job done with precision.

For 30 years, we have been providing exceptional service to home and business owners throughout Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. We promise always on-time and tidy service. We always leave your home or commercial space better than we found it.

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