Signs Pipe Replacement Is Needed

When a household puts together their to-do list for this summer, having their house repiped is likely missing from it. Homeowners tend to focus on household issues they can see, like updating plumbing fixtures or replacing flooring. However, neglecting to repair and replace pipes when needed can result in significant problems for a household – including leaks, water damage, mold, and expensive repairs. Instead, property owners should schedule home repiping if they notice signs, including frequent leaks and repairs, low water pressure, or discolored water. 

Frequent Leaks and Repairs

One of the signs that repiping a house is needed is if the piping experiences frequent leaks and requires repairs often. Frequent leaks can indicate the following issues may be occurring with the pipes:

  • Deteriorating pipes: If a household experiences leaks in different areas of its plumbing system regularly, it can indicate the pipes are deteriorating, likely from corrosion. Over time, pipes can corrode, develop cracks, and weaken, leading to more frequent leaks. 
  • Repaired sections failing: If a pipe has been repaired numerous times and it’s still developing leaks, it can suggest that the underlying problem is more extensive, and the overall condition of the pipes may be worsening. 

Scheduling frequent pipe repairs can not only indicate there is a larger problem with the piping,  but it can also be expensive. It can be more cost-effective to repipe rather than pay for repairs often.

Poor Water Pressure

showerAnother symptom homeowners should watch for that can indicate the need for repiping is reduced water pressure. If the water pressure is lower than usual, it can signal a problem in the plumbing system. Some of the issues that cause low water pressure may be able to be repaired, but others can require repiping. 

Aging and corrosion of pipes are one cause of reduced water pressure. As pipes deteriorate, the rust can flake off the pipes and cause a build-up that reduces water flow, leading to lower water pressure. If this is the cause of the home’s water pressure issues, repiping will typically be needed. Leaks and clogs can also cause poor water pressure, and depending on factors like their severity and the age of the pipes, they may be able to be repaired or require repiping.

The Water’s Color or Smell Has Changed

sinkA different color and smell of the tap water can also indicate repiping services are needed. If homeowners notice a brown, orange, or yellow tint to their water, it can signal pipe corrosion and rust, causing discoloration. Corroded and rusted pipes can also cause the water to smell strange. 

Unusual odors from the water can also indicate bacteria or contaminants in the water. When these problems occur, professionals may recommend replacing the pipes to correct the issue. Any time these signs are noticed, an expert should be called to inspect the plumbing and prevent pipes in poor condition from causing problems for the home. 

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